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I will point at the lights

Yes I will take the rest of the pizza

even though I don’t want to eat it,

and I can see you have very

mixed feelings about wanting it, so let’s

not burden you with those feelings,

Give me the pizza

and I will put it in the compost

and it will turn into dirt

for the garden

and it will be perfect

And likewise, let me take those old clothes

the ones that don’t fit and are taking up all that room in your office

yes, let me take those old clothes

I don’t want them

but I will give them to the thrift store

and maybe someone will want them

And similarly, let’s throw out your printer

that doesn’t work

nobody else needs a printer

that doesn’t work

so it will go in the dumpster

with a prayer that

someday, the fungi and the cute

little bacteria will know what to do with it

I think they will figure it out

with enough time

they will figure it out

So I come home and I tear up the

wild onions and the dandelions,

the crabgrass,

and the other plants I don’t

know the names of, but I know they

will spread and spread and

take control of this garden

and this garden is a collaboration

with me

and I want strawberries

so I pull up those other plants,

And I tuck in little strawberry starts

from the co-op

around a curving path

for my daughter

and myself

and our beloveds

And I offer myself to the world

in my dreams I orate on how

everything is simply energy

and some people don’t know

what I mean, in the dream

and I’m so eager for them to catch on

to hold their own magic wands

and it will happen in good time

with enough time

they will figure it out

So I offer myself to you

to you, I say, I will talk with you

and I will hold your hand and I will point at the lights I see

shining in the dreams you share

with me and I will help you

remember the light is there

our excitement will bring the light

closer, till you can feel it

warming your skin

(The offering myself to you is real. I offer myself to you in service via one-on-one sessions that I call Tending Sessions, where we tend to your emotions and/or your designs, with enthusiasm, with openness, with meeting you right where you're at. You can find out more here, and you can book a free feel-it-out session here).

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