A Splendid Tending

Emotional Gardening // Emotional Design

A Splendid Tending is all about really showing up for the tending of our emotional, physical, imaginative, and creative selves.

Within the realm of A Splendid Tending, there's Emotional Gardening, and Emotional Design. These refer to practices of:

  • being present with our feelings

  • knowing from that informed space if we are ready to create or if we need to tend to ourselves

  • and when we are ready to create, we create in the realm of our emotions and imaginations first and foremost 

Good Morning, Creator is an eight-week program offered once a season to share the basics of Emotional Gardening // Emotional Design. The next round will begin Tuesday, May 10. To sign up for more information, visit here. 


Tending Sessions

I offer one-on-one Tending Sessions, where we practice skills, visualizations, and games for tending to your emotional garden, and, when you’re ready for it, tending to your emotional designs, as well.

What does that look like?

You may sign up for a free 15-minute feel-it-out call where we talk about where you’re at, what the basic toolkit is for Emotional Gardening & Emotional Design, what tools you’ve already got, and what you’d like to work on developing / practicing together. If we’d like to dive in to tending sessions together, we will set up the shape of it.

Tending sessions can be ongoing, or for a specific length of time, like 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc. They can also be as-needed/wanted, scheduled here.

Tending sessions are either 30-minutes, 60-minutes, or 90-minutes long. The price is sliding scale.

Tending Sessions sometimes look like splatting (the client getting to speak out whatever is on their heart/mind), digging in to the feelings, creating new momentums of thought, playing games to uplift to a clearer space, celebrating, inquiry, suggestions of practices, learning and implementing emotional gardening and emotional design tools, etc. There's often a prompt for the client to continue the work of the session on their own. Laughter, tears, anger, confusion, sadness, whatever you may be experiencing--it's all welcome. This is not a therapy session that will result in any kind of diagnosis. This is an empowerment session that will result in you feeling joined and empowered to feel your feelings and design the reality you prefer. 


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