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Social Practice

From singular events to community spaces spanning many seasons, traveling interactive art, and a pop-up in a cafe, I often simply try to provide materials and a cozy environment in which to make self-directed art together.


The Holding Space

March 2022
at The Playhouse, Arcata, CA

An interactive installation which invited folks passing through the space to participate. See more details on the Textile Arts page, linked in the main menu under "Archives".

Good Morning, Creator

Winter 2021
An Online Course

An online course filled with video art, pre-recorded lessons, and weekly Zoom gatherings that taught the concept of The Art of Emotional Design. For more information, visit the A Splendid Tending website, which is linked in the main menu.


Good Morning Wedding

September 2020
A Community Collaboration

A beautiful wedding, filled with handmade portals and ritual, from the wedding dress, the wedding tent, to gifts of handmade porcelain cups holding dried flower petals

Lighting Candles

September 2019
at The Sanctuary, Arcata, CA

I facilitated a conversation in a candle-lit room, where people sat in a circle, some in chairs, some on the floor, with an invitation for letting there be lots of silence, and I asked the questions "what does love look like to you?" and " tell us about someone you admire". People were welcome to draw while sitting in the circle.


July 2017 - January 2019
Celo, North Carolina

Founded by myself and Tayloranne Finch, with incredible support from our community of close friends and neighbors, HoneyLa was a place where anyone could come to make art anytime. There were many different phases of programming. Pictured here is a moment from a Friday night art party, which occurred weekly throughout HoneyLa's first winter.

Grow Baby Grow

Summer 2014

When I was pregnant with my daughter Ruby Moon, I did a fundraising campaign to buy a car and cross the country, letting people paint on my car when I stopped in different locations.


The Ever-Expanding Heart

February 2014
Local Sprouts, Portland, Maine

As a part of a group show at Local Sprouts Cooperative Cafe in Portland, Maine, I provided materials for people to write love letters to anything, and I often sat in the cafe, sewing them together.

Make Harmony

Summer 2012-Spring 2013
San Francisco, California

Make Harmony was the name we gave to a project where we created a gathering, art-making, and living space out of my father, Jon Hoffman's, warehouse. The warehouse was rented by Spice of Life Caterers, Inc., my dad's business, and the business was struggling financially as I was finishing up college. He asked me to help, and Make Harmony is what resulted. There was lots of programming -- social justice meetings, food justice gatherings, gardening, trauma support groups, jam nights (making fruit jam and playing music), and large community dinners. As eviction drew nearer, since the business had not been able to pay rent, the space became more and more of a living space for a large group that would go on to try to turn an abandoned church into an art space.

make harmony _edited_edited.jpg


of Hannah as an Art Facilitator / Creative Midwife

1. Her willingness to glow invites others to shine their light. 

2. I love her warmth/openness and realness while communicating/being and that it makes me feel safe and free in her presence

3. I love how fun it is to play and giggle with her

4. I love that I've always thought of her as a guiding force (a leader/a facilitator) and I've always believed in her journey/dream

5. It's tough to be a teenager sometimes and I love that when I was a teenager she felt like a magic sanctuary

Hannah’s loving tender reach stretches far and wide -- my teenage years were considerably more whimsical and joyful just knowing that she was near.

Emily Fairclough

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