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Many of my performances have come and gone in the excitement of the moment, and have escaped through time without footage, or at least, none that I currently have access to. Here are a couple that I've got some lasting glimpses of:


waking up

April 2018
HoneyLa Community Art Space
Celo, North Carolina

This piece grew out of a desire to express interconnectedness, joyfulness, being able to rely on one's community. We mirrored, metaphorically, seeds' growth into flowering plants. The dance had two showings in April 2018. I danced it with Tayloranne Finch and Jes Hadasah Michaels, and we all, as well as Persephone Kinsey and Shelby Hodge, assisted in choreographing the dance together.

Solar Eclipse

August 2018
South Toe River
Celo, North Carolina

Persephone Kinsey and I did a dance-photoshoot-metaphor-performance on the day of the solar eclipse. Shelby Hodge helped with our make-up and was our photographer.


Lights On

July 2017
Galaxy Arts Gallery
Burnsville, North Carolina

This musical menagerie of puppetry, performers, and incredible original music blended talents of many folks, led in a collaborative-theatre method by Tayloranne Finch, who played Blush the Clown, who climbs a ladder to the moon. I was the puppeteer for the moon.

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Lights On sticks out for me as an incredible performance because of the amazing people working together, and that it was the first theater-activation of HoneyLa Community Art Space. We used our newly-rented space that still had plywood floors as our rehearsal space. The magical nights we stayed up making props and rehearsing, while painting whiles and singin tunes, are still some of my favorite memories from HoneyLa. They set the tone for a very magical adventure. 

Dance & Performance: Gallery

Burning Brightly

A HoneyLa Press production. Filmed by Donnie Rex Bishop, song written and performed by Hannah Lee Hoffman, bass by Jared McQueen, creative consultant and lead dancer Tayloranne Finch. All about the love for this sweet little community in Celo, North Carolina.

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