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Collaborators and Co-Dream Weavers


The Cowtown Serenaders

The Cowtown Serenaders is a band and theater company comprised of Tayloranne Finch and Daniel Nickerson.

These fine folk have collaborated on a series of endless dreams with Hannah, including HoneyLa Community Art Space, and it looks as if they'll all just keep dreamin' the endless dream forever

The sanctuary.jpg

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is "a bustling community center, gallery, artist residency, library, music venue, and workshop, with lab facilities including printmaking, ceramics, textiles, small metals, book arts, woodworking, music recording, bicycle repair, culinary arts, gardening, homesteading, and more," -to quote their website

Hannah was fortunate to live on the same block as The Sanctuary in Arcata, California for three years, and to have a studio space there for two years.

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